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Nick Mullens is responsible for putting the final bullet in the 49ers’ 2020 season. Throwing two fourth-quarter interceptions, Mullens obliterated any shred of hope the 49ers had been holding onto for this season. It is easy to do it, but don’t blame Nick Mullens. Nick is who he is, a mediocre backup quarterback who turns over the ball entirely too much. Kyle Shanahan knows this. That is why the blame should fall completely on his shoulders.

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Kyle Shanahan is the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. No matter how much some people want to excuse him of his responsibilities, Shanahan is supposed to be accountable for this team in all forms and facets of the game. I know all of you love the injury excuse; it is by far Shanahan’s favorite part of the job as well, but it’s nonsense. The Cowboys came into this game missing their franchise quarterback and star running back and still managed to beat the 49ers with an ensemble of backups. Why did the 49ers lose this game? Why did the defending NFC champions lose to a 4-9 Cowboys team that they were favored to beat on the road? Look no further than the awful decision making of Kyle Michael Shanahan.

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Prior to Sunday, Nick Mullens was responsible for six touchdowns and nine turnovers in the last five games the 49ers played. Kyle Shanahan did his best tough-guy act during the week when he said, “Nick, first and foremost, if he wants to stay out there, he’s got to stop turning the ball over.”

Nick didn’t stop turning over the ball. In fact, he fumbled the ball early in the game and was responsible for a total of three turnovers throughout the contest. He stunk. Mullens once again cost the 49ers dearly, and Shanahan stuck by him the whole time.

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Nick Mullens’ three turnovers pushed his season total to 16 — and all three 49ers QBs have amassed 40 in 30 games since last year. A pair of fourth-quarter interceptions proved more costly than Mullens’ first-quarter strip-sack fumble. Through all this season’s ugly quarterbacking by Mullens and Jimmy Garoppolo, Brandon Aiyuk has emerged as a bona fide star and is just 194 yards shy of Jerry Rice’s 49ers rookie record (927 yards). Keep in mind how much the 49ers are missing George Kittle and Deebo Samuel. Coach Kyle Shanahan said Sunday’s result won’t influence whether Kittle or Garoppolo return these final two games, but those comebacks sure seem more unlikely.


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Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson are commended for playing as much as they can through injury. Mostert ran for at least 8 yards on 6-of-14 carries (68 yards) before leaving early in the third quarter because of his lingering ankle injury. Wilson powered through his ankle injury (16 carries, 60 yards) but also appeared to tweak a hamstring in the final seconds. Those health issues could prompt the 49ers to rely on Tevin Coleman and Jerick McKinnon to close out the season. Mike McGlinchey played through an apparent knee injury but a couple blocking issues only add to the outcry over his season.


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Arik Armstead’s two sacks and Ahkello Witherspoon’s surprise start (in place of an ill Jason Verrett) were highlights. Richard Sherman’s two missed tackles were among the lowlights along with the defense’s inability to intercept any of Andy Dalton’s 33 passes. Marcell Harris’ coverage gaffe after Jimmie Ward’s concussion came of no surprise.


The 49ers did not have to face Ezekiel Elliott (surprise inactive) but had trouble at times against his replacement, Tony Pollard, whose 40-yard touchdown run proved the winning points. Fred Warner’s five tackles put his team lead at 101 this season. Warner aptly summed things up and took accountability: “We could talk all day about the offense turning the ball over, but at the same time, we haven’t helped get the ball back to them. … You can’t point fingers in a year like this. We can only get better from here, obviously.”

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The loss took the luster off Robbie Gould’s two field goals that pushed his career total to 400. Richie James’ fumbled punt return cast an early spell of doom for the 49ers, and CeeDee Lamb’s return of an onside kick for a touchdown also tainted this unit’s play.


Kyle Shanahan defended his decision not to bench Mullens after the first interception because the score was tied at 17, but it seemed to delay an inevitable meltdown the 49ers have endured far too often this season. The 49ers have used 80 players this season, a team record and two shy of the 2019 Miami Dolphins’ record for the NFL high in a non-strike season. True, the 49ers are 0-3 since their Santa Clara County exodus, but they’ve lost 6 of 7 to reflect just the dire times of a mistake-prone, injury-ravaged roster. It’s somewhat remarkable took until Week 15 (and a later-day win by Arizona) to eliminate the 49ers.

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The time for talking is over. Shanahan is losing any sense of credibility he had. There has been a through-line for the 49ers this season; it has been a complete and utter absence for the sense of urgency. The 49ers meander through games, turn over the ball, and look back on the results with a sullen disposition. There is plenty of handwringing, yet no decisive action when it is needed. Surely coach Shanahan will lament the three turnovers, citing them as the reason the 49ers cannot compete. He will take no responsibility for continuing to put players on the field who have a known history of turning over the ball. That would be silly.

The 49ers started 2020 behind the 8 ball. The injuries they suffered made their path to the playoffs incredibly difficult. Sadly, when you look at the contests played, despite the injuries, the 49ers could easily be 8-6 right now instead of 5-9. Losses to the Eagles, WFT, and Cowboys were all avoidable. The stubbornness of Kyle Shanahan has cost the 49ers dearly. Watching Nick Mullens be trotted out the last two weeks is all you need to know. The head coach of the San Francisco 49ers did not put the team in the best position to win. It was obvious this team needed a change, some sort of spark to light the fire. Shanahan stuck with the quarterback who would play it safe long enough until he blew the game.

The 49ers now sit at 5-9, completely out of the playoff picture, and looking for answers all across the roster. Many fans want a new quarterback. Who can blame them? The fans have suffered through a miserable year at the quarterback position. Kyle Shanahan has had success with only one quarterback, and everyone else (Brian Hoyer, C.J. Beathard, Nick Mullens) has been an abject failure. No matter who handles the snap, Kyle Shanahan can’t win with any of them. This year serves as a reminder of how the offensive genius doesn’t seem so brilliant without the beleaguered quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo. The Dallas Cowboys have one of the worst defenses in football, and yet the 49ers couldn’t exploit that porous unit to pull off a win today. At some point, it’s quite clear. It isn’t the magician who is magical. It’s his wand.

Now, 49ers fans are left with what? Hoping the team loses enough games so that Shanahan can get a stab at choosing a quarterback early in the draft? Let’s not forget, he had the first crack at Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson in 2017, but he chose to hold off for a chance to ink Kirk Cousins to a humongous deal while trading up for C.J. Beathard in the third round. The truth is, it’s time for Shanahan to learn a lesson in humility. You don’t have all the answers. If you did, you wouldn’t have just lost a back-breaking game to the terrible Dallas Cowboys.